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Samus Aran by Adyon
Samus Aran
I'd had this started several months ago, then after painting her in the Smash Bros picture I did, I decided to finish this one out.  So much more fun to fully paint all that material as opposed to how flat I did it there where I wanted to imitate Smash Bros really closely.  Unfortunately some of the tweaks I made to her torso while working on this essentially put her lower half in a similar pose, but whatever.  I like the result.  It's more dynamic than a torso portrait like I started with.
Aloendra is Banned by Adyon
Aloendra is Banned

My little 15 minute warm-up this morning was this little sketch of my character...Which some might guess if they've seen the news... I got the 6 month ban. xD  It's a huge thing for WoW right now to have so many bans.

The irony is, in the last two months when they caught everyone for botting, all I did was use the bot a couple times to mill large stacks of herbs for me so I didn't have to sit there pressing the freaking button 50 thousand times! Haha  

Ah well, not much of a loss for me.  I haven't been raiding due to time issues, so it's like a forced vacation from the game.

I used my bot back in the day to on to heal trash in raids so I could draw in the other window, but it couldn't heal with a flip. It used mana like crap and never knew when to was good for trash basically.  But that's what I needed.  Extra time to work.  And for times I DPSed, well...I could out DPS the bot by like 30% or more. (And I even got one of the "top" rated DPS rotations for the bots to try) So I dunno. I just don't think it worked well on casters. Especially Boomkin and the fact that I was great at DOT snapshotting.  It beat my dps on my alt DK, but...I just chalked it up to being a shitty DK.  Maybe it's better at some classes that are more about maximizing energy build-up and using the right abilities at the right time.  If so, it probably would have been great at things like Fire Mage.

I thought to have her t-shirt say "Banned to the Bone" as I'm that kind of pun-loving schmuck, but I thought just "Banned" worked better in the end.

More art of Aloendra:
Burning Hyjal - World of Warcraft by Adyon

Twilight Sparkle - 'How to be a Princess' by Adyon
Twilight Sparkle - 'How to be a Princess'
Caught!  But, I think even princesses need a break now and again to read their favorite books.

"I was uh...just...reading up on how to be a princess...REALLY!"

My wife's the bigger book nerd of the two of us, and she says she DEFINITELY never hid Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter insider her other books that she was supposed to be reading half the crappy books they made you drudge through in school.  =P
Super Smash Bros - Bad Sitation by Adyon
Super Smash Bros - Bad Sitation
Marth's waking up...but maybe not quick enough. So who gets him first?  Wario or Jigglypuff? I was tempted to stuff even more characters into this, but it really would have just got confusing.   I'll just have to do more Smash Bros stuff to do more of my favorites.  At least I got a couple bits of random.  Everybody wants nothing to do with Wario's "attack"...for...many reasons. Mario: "O_O" Samus: "...Nope". 

The original of this was a commission someone wanted for their brother as him dressed up as Marth about to die.  They have competitive issues I think. Haha  I felt though I needed to do one with it actually being Marth blasted...cause Marth fans are going to send me death threats. =D 
Samus Aran by Adyon


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Aaron Foster
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I'm an illustrator and graphic designer living in Winston-Salem, NC.

I've become quite notorious for neglecting deviantArt and not posting stuff. I've been working on that lately! (It's okay, my old stuff was crap anyway)

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