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Stamps - So People Can Judge Me in Less Time

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Heroes of the Storm - Tyrande vs Diablo by Adyon
Heroes of the Storm - Tyrande vs Diablo
I reeeeeallly wanted to get closer to Blizzard's house style as well as the game's feel without sacrificing my own too much, which was fun.  Still, I think I have a certain niche I fall into when I imitate graphics, probably most noticeable in pieces like my Final Fantasy X piece, which hopefully is good.

I wanted to wait to see if I wanted to make any last minute changes and upload this to the Heroes of the Storm contest, as this felt pretty condensed compared to some of the large art pieces I've seen done for the contest (seriously, tough competition), only to find I was going to be delayed and got home with like 10 minutes to enter the contest.  I had plenty of time when I went to submit it, but it seems it got delayed in the server and didn't show up til a minute after the contest ended.  Ha ha  Ah, well.  Guess it's not much of a loss.
Burning Hyjal - World of Warcraft by AdyonAloendra is Banned by Adyon
Samus Aran by Adyon
Samus Aran
I'd had this started several months ago, then after painting her in the Smash Bros picture I did, I decided to finish this one out.  So much more fun to fully paint all that material as opposed to how flat I did it there where I wanted to imitate Smash Bros really closely.  Unfortunately some of the tweaks I made to her torso while working on this essentially put her lower half in a similar pose, but whatever.  I like the result.  It's more dynamic than a torso portrait like I started with.
Aloendra is Banned by Adyon
Aloendra is Banned

My little "15 minute warm-up" I usually do, this morning was this little sketch of my character...Which some might guess if they've seen the Warcraft news... I got the 6 month ban. xD  It's a huge thing for WoW right now to have so many bans.

The irony is, in the last two months when they caught everyone for botting, all I did was use the bot a couple times to mill large stacks of herbs for me so I didn't have to sit there pressing the freaking button 50 thousand times! Haha  (Which now they announced they were fixing with the ability to mass mill so...)  I kind of never thought in a million years someone would think, "That dude was milling for 10 minutes straight.  He must be a BOT".  Makes me wish I'd done more with it to at least farm some of the achievements or something so that I could feel like I got something for my punishment.

Ah well, not much of a loss for me.  I haven't been raiding due to time issues, so it's like a forced vacation from the game.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the bans are for people like me that barely even used it.  Honestly, I'd never thought to actually use the BOT for much, cause I didn't want to risk it being noticeable.  But, since they caught everyone by scanning their computers to see if you used the program, they actually have no idea who used it for what.  It's just a, "Did you touch the program?  Banned."  Which is probably why it's only 6 months.  There's no way to know and it would be stupid of them to perma-ban that many people who barely even did anything.  If I hold anything against them (or call them genius for from a business standpoint) it's that they waited to hand this out until awhile after the WoW tokens had been released.  I mean, if any people farmed on their BOT at all, they probably already bought game time, cause they could afford it.  So now Blizz has all that money even if those people can't play.  I know I already have game time through next year, even if mine has nothing to do with the BOT.  I'm just an Auction House stock market player and love my TradeSkillMaster.  Buy low, sell high!  ;)

I actually first tried my BOT back in the day to solve the problem of lack of time, yet commitment to my guild on a dead realm that they couldn't even come close to finding a healers that could do my numbers.  I used it to heal trash in raids between bosses, so I could draw in the other window. It couldn't heal worth a flip. It used mana like crap and never knew when to was good for trash basically. (And even then I knew certain packs I had to help)  But that's what I needed.  Extra time to work.  And as for DPS and the bot, well...I could out DPS the bot by like 30% or more.  (Maybe just because I was good at DOT snapshotting?)  It beat my dps on my alt DK, but...I just chalked it up to being a shitty DK.  
Burning Hyjal - World of Warcraft by Adyon

Twilight Sparkle - 'How to be a Princess' by Adyon
Twilight Sparkle - 'How to be a Princess'
Caught!  But, I think even princesses need a break now and again to read their favorite books.

"I was uh...just...reading up on how to be a princess...REALLY!"

My wife's the bigger book nerd of the two of us, and she says she DEFINITELY never hid Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter insider her other books that she was supposed to be reading half the crappy books they made you drudge through in school.  =P


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I've become quite notorious for neglecting deviantArt and not posting stuff. I've been working on that lately! (It's okay, my old stuff was crap anyway)


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